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[TowerTalk] Which type of cable for a crank-up tower?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Which type of cable for a crank-up tower?
From: Dan Levin <>
Date: Thu, 1 Dec 2011 14:00:12 -0800
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Of course, if I knew who made it I would just get the manual and do what they 
say.  But I don't know who made it, so...

I have an unidentified 65' crank-up tower, believed to be of English origin.  
It needs to be recabled.  The existing (original) cable appears to be 5/16", 
but it might be 8mm or even 7mm (I am not where the tower is, so I can't 
measure it exactly).  Definitely bigger than 1/4".  The tower lives in a very 
salty, island climate.

I am trying to figure out what type of cable to use - not which size, but which 
material and construction.

The easiest thing to find that seems appropriate is 5/16" 7x19 galvanized steel.

But, I have read that these towers usually use 6x19 LC (linen core) - which I 
can find in plain steel, but not in galvanized.

1) Is galvanized the way to go in this situation?

2) Any sense of which construction is most appropriate?  I assume 7x19 would be 
best if I can't find the 6x19 LC.

3) Anyone have a source of 6x19 LC galvanized 5/16" cable?

                     ***dan, K6IF

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