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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Cost effective Tower height
Date: Sat, 3 Dec 2011 18:30:22 -0500 (EST)
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Wayne, the ridge should give you additional gain especially in the area that 
slopes away from your antenna site and that is a good thing.

If I were you I'd consider using a beam with more gain than the HEX. The HEX is 
a wonderful antenna but gain and pattern are not its strong points.
If you do use the HEX beam I'd suggest not ordering it with the 6m element 
because it is nearly ussless compared to even a small 3 element yagi.

If you are ordering the HEX with the 6m wire you must be interested in that 
band and it is a wonderful band so you may seriously want to consider starting 
with a good 6m Yagi like the one from M2 -- still small enough to be light and 
still have a  low wind load yet be much more effective compared to the HEX 6m 
element --- you won't regret the upgrade to a real 6m yagi once the 6m season 
starts or even now when folks are working ZLs on 6m via F2. 

If you go with the HEX,  the M2 6m Yagi will fit nicely at the base of the mast 
just above the rotor. 

Regards, John NA6L  


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Subject: [TowerTalk] Cost effective Tower height

One of the parameters mentioned here has been towers on flat ground. What 
oes unlevel ground/elevation have on this? I live in the Mtn.s of VA. My 
levation is appox. 1400 ft and I live on top of a ridge that has a clear 360 
egree view of the area. There are some ridges in view that are above my 
levation but they are far enough away that they should not be a factor.  I am 
n the process of installing a 72ft free standing (US tower TX-472) crank up 
ith a 10 ft mast. Antenna will be a multiband Hex 20m-6m. The only close 
bsticle (Across the road from my tower) is a Water tank that is 32ft high.
Thoughts? Advice?
Wayne C.


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