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Date: Mon, 19 Dec 2011 17:42:39 -0600
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Some of their products are not of the same quality as those sold at Lowe's,
Home Depot or perhaps Sears.

That said, I have several electric powered tools that were purchased years
ago from HF and still operate like they did when new.

I purchased two of their lower cost electric winches a couple years ago for
the purpose of raising and lowering my hazer on 50 feet of Rohn 25.

It worked great for a very long time.  However, without an adequate way of
keeping out all the moisture, the last time I went out to lower the hazer I
had to loosen several bolts in order to free up the shafts, etc. from rust.

I have little fear of the motor causing massive tower or antenna failure as
the hazer has a latch that keeps any failure from causing severe damage.

The winch was so inexpensive, I purchased two when they were on sale.  I
believe they were around $89 each.

I love going to HF.  I always find something I need and the price is always


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On 12/19/2011 2:42 PM, Michael Goins wrote:
> Has anyone used the Harbor Freight winches? They have a 2000 lb 
> electric that is priced nicely at the moment on sale.
> Mike, k5wmg
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HI Mike,

I have not used a H.F. winch.  However I have used a few of their products
and consider them disposable.

It's one of those things that you need now and then but don't bet your life
on them.

I have a US Towers HDX-555 (if I remember correctly the number) and would
not use a H.F. anything involved in raising, lowering or folding over the

With the investment I have in my tower and accessories as well as what you
probably have in your tower and accessories please go and buy a quality
product from a quality provider.

73 Larry WA9VRH


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