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Re: [TowerTalk] Question about Andrew Hardline and Connectors

Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Question about Andrew Hardline and Connectors
From: Jim Brown <>
Date: Thu, 02 Aug 2012 14:09:57 -0700
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I'm facing similar work, and have been doing some digging.I've found pdf 
data sheets for some older products, as well as connectors and Heliax, 
on ham surplus websites.  Google on Heliax, then follow the links for 
RFParts, Surplus Sales of Nebraska, etc.  I also found a pdf data sheet 
for Cablewave "heliax" and connectors on a university website (PA?).

I need some advice too.

I have nice lengths of Andrew FHJ5-50A (older 7/8-in),  Decibel/ATG 
DBC078F5P (older 7/8-in), and VXL5-50 (current product), and Andrew 
LDF5-50A, and need to put connectors on them.  I can't find a data sheet 
for the Decibel/ATG cable, nor for the FHJ5-50A.

I have the following connectors available:  L5NF, L45N, L5PNM, and 
Cablewave FLC78-50NM.  I'd like advice on which, if any, of those 
connectors will work on the FHJ5-50A and DBC078F5P.  I have the right 
connectors for the VXL5-50, and the LDF5-50A.

And I'd like to find those missing data sheets for those cables.

Thanks and 73, Jim K9YC

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