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Re: [TowerTalk] Antenna Testing

Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Antenna Testing
From: Steve Hunt <>
Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2012 15:44:28 +0100
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Ham radio magazine May 1979, and the mobile reference antenna was a Hy-Gain TH-2 tribander Yagi not a Quad.

Steve G3TXQ

On 17/10/2012 15:29, Big Don wrote:
Guess we weren't clear on the methodology.  He tested several antennas
against the quad, by visiting each test antenna owner's station, and
reported how well each test antenna stacked up against his reference quad.
  In the article, he ranked something like a half a dozen or so antennas,
thus tested, compared with each other, not necessarily with his quad.

One of y'all with a good library of QST, 73, CQ and Ham Radio should be
able to find it...
Don N7EF


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