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Re: [TowerTalk] Building a W6NL Moxon 40 Meter Beam.

Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Building a W6NL Moxon 40 Meter Beam.
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Date: Wed, 6 Aug 2014 07:29:30 -0500
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I used gray PVC to insulate my homebrew 54' freestanding vertical at P40A
and it worked perfectly, even with the strong UV. Using this material with
U-Bolts is a good way to make an insulated element, especially if it is a
large diameter.

John KK9A

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Subject:        [TowerTalk] Building a W6NL Moxon 40 Meter Beam.
From:   "Jim Thomson" <>
Date:   Tue, 5 Aug 2014 19:22:00 -0700

## That grey coloured  pvc tubing works superb..and is UV resistant.  You can
find it
in the electrical dept at any home depot etc.   Its not a foam core
either.  I
found that my F12
U bolts have all  rusted.  Replaced with DX eng SS types  with the solid AL
saddles.  Drives me nuts
not using proper saddles.  F12 never used saddles.

##  On my F12  340N,  I replaced the flat AL plates that in turn bolt to the
riveted boom brackets..
with 4 inch wide channel AL.   Then used TWO  dx eng ss u bolts at each
end of
the channel.   For
whatever reason, my flat plates had all bent slightly.  A pair of new 
grey pvc
insulators installed.   f12
uses 1.875 inch OD tubing the middle of the 40m eles..and of course the grey
pvc tubing is a lot bigger than
that, hence the 4 inch channel al.   The pvc tube is simply slit length
wise in a bandsaw.

Jim  VE7RF


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