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Re: [TowerTalk] Servicing an MFJ 259B

Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Servicing an MFJ 259B
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Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2014 14:14:36 -0500
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What a shame, I really dislike poor customer service! The 259B is a nice
unit for working on the tower. I just used my analyzer last weekend to
adjust the driven element on a new homebrew 10m OWA beam. I believe that
MFJ has a fixed repair price for many of their products. I am not sure
what the repair charges were for the 259B, but rather than go though your
experience I would toss it in the garbage.  Thanks for the heads up!

John KK9A

Subject:        [TowerTalk] Servicing an MFJ 259B
From:   Bill via TowerTalk <>
Date:   Thu, 28 Aug 2014 12:22:08 -0400 (EDT)

I have bought my last item from MFJ/Ameritron.

Over the years I have had several items of MFJ/Ameritron  manufacture and
always had great customer service.  Over the last couple of  years that
satisfaction has changed to disappointment...major problems with  repair
of my
AL-1500 and now my MFJ259

I sent my MFJ 259B  in for repair on July 2 and they received  on July 7.
I was told at that time it would be four weeks until they got  to repair
it....a long time but fair enough.  On Aug 7 still no word from  them so I
called.  They would place it on their "expedite list".  A  week later no word
from them so I called again.  It was still on their  expedite list.

On August 18, I finally got a call telling me they had done no  repairs to
it, and it was working fine.  I disputed this and repeated  exactly what was
in my letter to them and to check it out again.  On the  21st, they finally
found the problem and said they would be shipping it on  Friday.

It's a two day ship from MS to FL so it should have arrived on  Monday, the
25th.  Today, the 28th, it still had not arrived so I called  again.  The
problem:  the MFJ 259 sat around for four business days  when they finally
shipped it.  It was shipped yesterday.  When I asked  what the problem was, I
got no reason, apology or anything else.  They had  no problem charging my
credit card right away.There is no excuse for doing  business in this manner.

Bottom line, do some deep thinking if you want to buy any antenna
analyzers from MFJ.  Mine worked great, but customer support and repair is
lacking.  They had this device from July 7 until August  27.   IMHO, that is
terrible customer service.



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