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[TRLog] FT1000 MP owners beware

Subject: [TRLog] FT1000 MP owners beware
From: (Bob Wolbert, K6XX)
Date: Wed, 3 Feb 1999 13:53:58 -0800
50ms!!! How in hell can the rig function???

It can't be that long--the rig sounds good on the air. 50ms is more than a 
dot length at 40WPM (at least I think so--33ms is a dot at 40WPM, right?).

I think he spoke with some ultra-conservative cust. service guy. That guy 
gave him a number he could "positively  guarantee" without having to make 
any measurements--if the customer is satisfied with the answer, then Yaesu 
saved time/$$$. Unless of course his fast answer cost Yaesu a sale, but 
that's another story.

I don't believe it. Tree, you have 1000MP users. Certainly some of them use 
PTT! Have any reported poor keying?

BTW: I do not own an 'MP, but have been considering one... and I run a 
group that answers technical calls from customers -- so I understand the 
incentive (and dangers) of brevity.

73 de Bob, K6XX

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Subject:        [TRLog] FT1000 MP owners beware

This came off the NA reflector.  NA is looking into adopting the
PTT delay that TR already has.  I knew this was an idea that would
catch on someday (took about 10 years).  I wonder what the story
is with QSK then.

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> From: "T Mitchell (Tim)" <>
> I just got off the phone with the fine folks at Yaesu who were nice 
enough to
> talk to me about the MP even though I don't have one.
> Yaesu wants at least 50ms from assertion of PTT to the assertion of any 
> They say that if you gave them 100ms they would like that even more but 
50ms is
> the minimum time they suggest.
> This assumes that the PTT inputs are used, not the CAT instruction.  If 
the CAT
> instruction is used, they suggest a longer time to make sure the cmd is
> received, processed, etc.
> Guess this will have to wait until it is coded. :-(
> Sorry for the bad news (MP owners) but at least we have an answer to the
> problem.
> 73 Tim  K9TM
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