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[TRLog] FT1000 MP owners beware

Subject: [TRLog] FT1000 MP owners beware
From: (VR2BrettGraham)
Date: Thu, 04 Feb 1999 09:30:41 +0000
K6XX wrote:

 I think he spoke with some ultra-conservative cust. service guy. That guy 
 gave him a number he could "positively  guarantee" without having to make 
 any measurements--if the customer is satisfied with the answer, then Yaesu 
 saved time/$$$. Unless of course his fast answer cost Yaesu a sale, but 
 that's another story.

This 50 mS thing sounds very similar to answer I have seen from Yaesu USA
service on another MP problem concerning the front panel display.

Believe it or not, that display runs on 3 kVA.  Work backwards from that
& my MP should be blowing the breaker to my shack 13 amp ring main outlets
at 220 VAC.  You folks out there with 120 VAC mains would never stand a
chance & attempting to run it off 12 VDC would suck dry just about any big
battery like it was a SUM3 (what I think North Americans call a double-A).

But seriously, my MP seemed to key just fine without sequenced PTT.  The
sequenced PTT was a must when the MP was driving a TL922, though.  Glad I
didn't buy it for QSK!  ;^)

73, VR2BrettGraham

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