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[TRLog] Keyboard echo

Subject: [TRLog] Keyboard echo
From: (Mark Shaum)
Date: Wed, 14 Jul 1999 16:20:40 -0500
Now, I'll qualify this as the definite tip of the month!  Thanks, Ron!  An
echo-back and buffered (i.e. backspace-enabled for fat fingered typists)
keyboard CW mode would be nice.  As well as more generic data entry fields
for gen qso mode (name, qth, notes field, etc.)  Add to wishlist?

73! - Mark

Mark Shaum K9TR
Central Illinois Grid EN50ii  Zip 61721
>In general QSO mode I use TR Log for keyboard CW. If there is a way in the
program to "echo" what I am sending on the screen, I haven't found it.
>However, I did figure out another way.  Since I do not use packet
equipment, I put a jumper on the packet IN and OUT pins on my serial port.
When I send CW I enter the packet mode (ctl B) and it echoes right back to
the screen. The F10 toggles sends the CW to my paddle/keyer.

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