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[TRLog] Bug update

Subject: [TRLog] Bug update
From: (Marion J. Henson)
Date: Wed, 01 Dec 1999 17:24:28 -0800
Here's my 2 cents worth...  Until August 11, 1999 I was using an
IC-735.  After resolving the intial setup problems with TR I have not
experienced any problems with the 735 however I purchased an IC-746 in
August and have had a number of problems with the Alt-B/V and Alt-M
switching.  This only occurred when switching VHF (6 & 2 meters).  No
problems on the lower bands.  I also had excessive delay in aborting cw
transmissions during CQ WW DX.  I'm not a power user and did not log
more than 600 Q's on either radio.  I'm running TR when either booting
to DOS or a DOS prompt with Windows 98 on a AMD K6-2/350.

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