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[TRLog] Bug update

Subject: [TRLog] Bug update
From: (ken k7zum)
Date: Thu, 2 Dec 1999 02:31:53 -0800
these are intresting comments, as i have had the same problems with trlog
coming up with the same nonssb messages, both here in my shack this weekend
for c.q.w.w., and also as fs/k7zum last month for c.q.w.w. phone, i use an
omni 6 and pentium here in the shack, i used my omni 6 and Ibm laptop on st.
mariten as fs/k7zum, in the case of the laptop, it was rf getting into the
computer via the a.c. adapter, was a good thing i took some cores, one on
the input to the computer fixed the problem, as for here in the shack, it
was the same problem, rf getting into the computer on certain beam headings,
mostley on ten meters running legal limit, (btw, my tower is less than ten
feet from my operating position, with the beam pretty much right above me, i
have worked out 99% of my rf problems, but there's always a new one showing
up!)the solution to that one was to just turn the beam a little bit, you
guys having
having these problems, might check to see if your getting rf into ur
just a thought


>What exactly are the ICOM Frequency Errors?  I've been running a
>761/765 pair for the last several contests, and haven't experienced
>any of the NONSSB or related problems.  I used to be plagued with
>radio-computer comm problems a lot (see the archives) but haven't
>had any of these problems for several versions.  Is this something
>to do with the newer Icom radios only?
>> 1. ICOM Frequency Errors - I am taking a new approach and working with
>> VK5GN to isolate the problem.  I am going back to a previous version to
>> establish that it didn't have the problem - and then will move forward
>> from there to the current version.  This brute force method should
>> eventually result in understanding what is causing the problem and
>> then we can look at corrective actions.
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