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[TRLog] TR vs. CT features (a wish)

Subject: [TRLog] TR vs. CT features (a wish)
From: (Mark Beckwith)
Date: Wed, 22 Dec 1999 09:27:59 -0600
>Mark, N5OT, wrote:
>>No offense intended, but compared to the first wish above, I hope Tree will
>>apply his limited resources to the most important things first

Roberto wrote:

>Apologise my question but,
>who is judging things are most important than other??

Not at all, Roberto.  Tree is the one guy who makes the final decision.  I
am merely using the opportunity of this forum which he has given us to test
another idea, as did you in the first place.  To quote another part of my
first email,

Tree said:

>>Perhaps I can be talked into adding this as an option

To which I answered:

>I know you will give it the attention you think it deserves.

Tree has been asking other people what they think of his product for almost
15 years.  During that time he has implemented lots of good ideas.  I
suggested this particular idea to him many years before this reflector
existed.  Maybe now that the forum is in place, enough people will comment
favorably on the idea that Tree will realize it should be a high priority.

Maybe they won't.  I feel obligated to make my opinion known in order to
have a fair shot at influening The Master.

The way I look at it is this: We all operate differently.  TR operates like
Tree (and, now, to some degree, like a number of other people who have
positively influenced Tree).  Tree does good in contests; therefore the
program is good.  I trust Tree to make good choices.  This is all up to
Tree.  That's fine.

I am very sorry of I offended you, I did not want to.

Mark, N5OT

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