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[Trlog] Sprint CQ using f7/f8

To: "'TRLog Reflector'" <>
Subject: [Trlog] Sprint CQ using f7/f8
From: "Dale Martin" <>
Date: Fri, 9 Feb 2007 09:22:28 -0600
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I read up on Tree's paper on using F7/F8 in Sprint.  

I created a sprint cfg in Trlog 6.85. 

When CQ'ing on radio1 using F1 and entering a call<enter> as if a station
answered my cq on radio2, the station's call and my exchange are appended to
the end of the cq on radio1.  It doesn't automatically switch to radio2 to
answer the caller there: neither the trlog screen display of the active
radio nor actual radio switching takes place.  

When CQ'ing using F7/F8 to CQ on radio2 (inactive radio) and entering a call
while the CQ is happening, the first letter of the call stops the CQ and the
radio2 switches to become the active radio.  

Neither are at all like Tree's writeup described.  

This is the second sprint setup in trlog I have tried; the first was in 6.79
and that worked differently, but didn't work as described in Tree's writeup,

The CQ's in F7/F8 of the CQ and EX modes are as Trlog set them up.  I
haven't messed with them.

Here's my most of my 07nascw1.cfg.  Can anyone see where I may have gone
astray? I only added Possible call colors and the Relay Control Port
assignment (otherwise, there was no radio keying switching). Turning on/off
Two Radio Mode and/or Skip Active Band made no difference. 

My call = kg5u
My state = tx
My name = dale
Contest = sprint

Possible call window dupe color = white
Possible call window dupe background = black

Display mode = color

Relay control port = 1

Keyer radio one output port = parallel 1
Keyer radio two output port = parallel 2

Radio one type = ic735
Radio one baud rate = 4800
Radio one control port = serial 1

Radio two type = ic735
Radio two baud rate = 4800
Radio two control port = serial 2

Two radio mode = true

Skip active band = true

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