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Subject: Re: [WriteLog] new to writelog
From: Ed Muns <w0yk@msn.com>
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Date: Tue, 6 Aug 2013 08:05:02 -0700
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An interface between the computer and radio is not required to use WriteLog.
However, the frequency of each QSO must be manually entered.  It does not
have to be the exact frequency, e.g., 14000, simply indicating 20 meters.
The mode will also need to be manually entered.  If these two data are not
entered, then each QSO will default to the last data that was entered.  A
computer-radio interface is useful for insuring that this information is
correct.  It is easy to forget to update it for each QSO, besides being an
unnecessary distraction while operating.

The exact frequency of each QSO is not required for most contests, but the
band and mode are required.  The band can be indicated by 14000, 7000, 3500,
etc in the frequency field.  Technically, the band could be entered as 14017
or 7234, but that is misleading so most programs default to the bottom band
edge frequency.

Many contests strongly urge participants to show exact frequencies in their
logs so that better log checking can be done between all the logs, but it is
not generally required. 

For computer CW keying, there must be a keying interface between the
computer and the Key input of the radio.  WriteLog has software-generated CW
keying as well as interfaces to external hardware keyers such as the K1EL
WinKey or the line of microHAM keyers.  In the case of WriteLog's software
keyer, a level shifter is needed between the Serial Com port on the PC and
the Key input on the radio.  If there are no physical Serial Com ports on
the computer, then a USB-Serial adapter can be used.  The WinKey and
microHAM keyers have USB interfaces to the computer.


Paul K9OT wrote:
> I think that on my first post I did not make clear what I am 
> looking for.
> My question  should have said that I am looking for a new 
> logging program both for contesting and general logging when 
> we go on vacation.
> I am NOT looking for rig control, rotor control, etc.
> All I want is do I need an interface between the computer and 
> radio (such as K1EL or some other one)to key the radio for 
> calling CQ,and exchange of info.
> I always have a keyer/paddle in parallel with the computer so 
> I can send with the paddle as well as the computer.
> As for logging freq for every contact, I am not interested. 
> If that is a requirement in the contest, they do not need me.

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