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[Yaesu] 1000MP Menu Settings

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Subject: [Yaesu] 1000MP Menu Settings
From: andrew@gi0nwg.demon.co.uk (Andrew Williamson)
Date: Fri, 1 Aug 1997 20:34:32 +0100
In message <TFSIGLZV@sagem.co.uk>, dave.sharred@sagem.co.uk writes

>Tuned vs flat front end preferences - this to me largely depend on
>whether you are a 12/10m user (tuned), or other (flat) - there is
>definitely more gain on 12/10 in the tuned position, i tend to use flat
>everywhere else. I have operated on 40m lete -nite; even there, I have
>found situations where the extra gain is needed in the flat setting
>(when the band appears to be about to fold, and weak DX).

I tend to run with a tuned frontend.  On 10/12M the extra gain produced
is essential for picking out those weak ones.  It would have been nice
if Yaesu had given us the option to extend this to 15,17 and possibly
even 20M.  On the low bands the tuned frontend is fine as I use a fairly
high yagi on 40M and loops and inv-L's on the lower bands.  The extra
gain I find to be unnecessary, and in fact it sometimes degrades the
received signal quality.

>I wished this was saved as preferred band options - more use to me
>than remembering IRT position on a band for example !

Agreed.  It would have been nice if tuned of flat could have been
selected on a band by band basis and stored in memory.

>TX EDSP - to me, I don't like having TX EDSP dependent on if you have RX
>EDSP enabled - this ought to be independently selectable. In all the
>tests I have done with repected people's opinions, best results are
>obtained without using EDSP on TX !!  I use a Heil insert for contesting,
>and still have more favourable opinions with this.

TX EDSP.  I never use it.  I am lucky because I know a fellow GI
(GI0SAP) who will give me a VERY critical and honest report on my
transmit audio quality.  If he thinks it sounds poor he will soon tell
me ;-)  I have tried the MP with an MD1 desk mike and a Heil boomset
with an HC4 element.  For my use (contesting) incredibly the MD1 sounds
the best and 'fills' the audio passband better.  It just sounds a more
fuller, more powerful audio than the HC4.  It's also sweeter and more
intelligible.  With the TX EDSP switched on it tended to restrict the
audio passband and take some of the power out of the audio.  When
running the MD1 I also set the USB and LSB processor offsets (menu 8-9 I
think) to -200Hz instead of -100Hz.  That setting seems to give the
audio more power behind it.  GI0SAP was kind enough to let me hear
recordings of all the settings and microphones and the above sounds the
most powerful and best for DXing and contesting.  So leave the TX EDSP
switched off and set the processor offsets to -200Hz.  I now use a
footswitch with the MD1 instead of VOX with the Heil boomset.
Vy 73,

Andrew Williamson GI0NWG / AC6WI

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