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[Yaesu] Ft-920 driver adjust

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Subject: [Yaesu] Ft-920 driver adjust
From: KA2YKC@aol.com (KA2YKC@aol.com)
Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2000 16:33:03 EST
In a message dated 1/10/00 9:06:45 AM Eastern Standard Time, a_borg@yahoo.com 

 To All 920 er's,
    Does anyone know the correct driver pot to increase
 the output drive to the final amps ? I'm mainly
 interested in increasing the average mic drive output.
 Mike KK4MS >>

On CW mode, I increased the output to about 110w. Mine was less than 95w out 
of the box. HOWEVER, I was still dissapointed to find that the average voice 
output was still way down as compared to other HF rigs I own. It will peak at 
100w or so on a whistle or steady tone, but on voice it averages around 25w 
or so.  

Radio cops note:
 I am quite aware of the difference between RMS and PEP readings, but it is 
well known that some of the newer radios are not delivering as strong of an 
SSB output as compared to, let's say, a Kenwood TS450S.

73 Eric

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