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[Yaesu] Ft-920 driver adjust

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Subject: [Yaesu] Ft-920 driver adjust
From: hinz@teleport.com (Rob)
Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2000 20:29:06 -0800

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> But seriously, while I had the rig open to install the FM board, I decided
> go over the radio on the bench.  My shop bench has equipment that the
> departments @ the "big three" wish they had!  (Ibuilding PCS networks for
> living has its advantages).  As measured  on an HP spectrum analyzer, the
> transmitter was just as clean up to 125w or so, then the IMD just started
> increase.  Also, my feeling is if the radio is rated @ 100w, then it
> deliver as specified.

Gee Eric, I'd really like to know how you did this. Let me get this
staight... You increased the drive to your final amplifier but the IMD
remained the same while the ouput power increased? That's a neat trick,
since the only way that can happen is if you have no IMD at all. That is, no
high order curvature to the transfer function of the amplifier. We could
make a lot of money on this you know...

> BTW, I am tired of the know-it-alls who seem to have to add their
> whenever someone asks a technical question.  I wish people would just
> the question(s) or stay QRT. If someone has no technical worth to
> they should utilize their time more wisely, like chasing DX (or women) !
me too!

> 73 Eric

I know, I probably should have just stayed QRT but I couldn't help
myself.You baited me so nicely. I promise I'll never post again... if you
will tell me your secret :-).

73, Rob Hinz - W7NX, BSEE, MSEE, Ph.D ABD.

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