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[Yaesu] Ft-920 driver adjust

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Subject: [Yaesu] Ft-920 driver adjust
From: KA2YKC@aol.com (KA2YKC@aol.com)
Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2000 22:43:50 EST
In a message dated 1/11/00 5:32:02 PM Eastern Standard Time, wa3gin@erols.com 

 Typically, there is little you can do improve on a rig produced by the
 big four or five companies.  But a little more watts like 15watts (95wts
 to 110wts) won't make a difference on the other guys receiver, on your
 frequency -- but it might make a difference to those other stations on
 both sides of your frequency.
 You have to double the power to really hear the difference, I think.
 If you want more power try a FT-1000 ...200watts output all day long.
 Have Fun,
 WA3GIN >>

I needed the extra 15 watts to fully drive my 10kw amp on 20m.  Couldn't 
compete with the rest of the big guns without the extra power from the 
exciter.  Also helps to keep the frequency clear of lids who like to start up 
less than 2KHz from where I am/have been operating for the past hour or so.


But seriously, while I had the rig open to install the FM board, I decided to 
go over the radio on the bench.  My shop bench has equipment that the service 
departments @ the "big three" wish they had!  (Ibuilding PCS networks for a 
living has its advantages).  As measured  on an HP spectrum analyzer, the 
transmitter was just as clean up to 125w or so, then the IMD just started to 
increase.  Also, my feeling is if the radio is rated @ 100w, then it should 
deliver as specified. 

BTW, I am tired of the know-it-alls who seem to have to add their two-cents 
whenever someone asks a technical question.  I wish people would just answer 
the question(s) or stay QRT. If someone has no technical worth to contribute, 
they should utilize their time more wisely, like chasing DX (or women) !

73 Eric

73 Eric


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