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Re: [Yaesu] FT-1000D fan noise

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Subject: Re: [Yaesu] FT-1000D fan noise
From: "Cecil Acuff" <chacuff@cableone.net>
Date: Fri, 28 Jul 2006 08:38:21 -0500
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There are many rigs to start new hams off with that don't cost 
$2500.....Like the FT-102 for example....probably can be bought all day long 
for under $500.

Having to own a top line rig should not be a barrier to anyone participating 
in the hobby.  It's attitudes that keep the young folks away.....

It's a difficult thing to help someone solve a problem when the problem is 
subjective.  What's annoying to one is considered normal to another.  Is the 
noise the poster is describing a normal noise for an FT-1000D or just a 
noise that is irritating to that user of the rig.    I've heard it described 
as "sounding like a 747 taking off" well that wouldn't be normal but I know 
some folks have a tendency to exaggerate....kinda like your description of 
the helpfulness of the list.  Like all lists activities you have to weed 
through it all to get to the good stuff.  That's the nature of the beast. 
(this post has probably already been deleted by at least 50% of the 

Now on rigs with DSP....that don't cost as much as your car.  Subjective 
again....you may drive a 15 year old Toyota Camry with a current value of 
$1800....and bought it just last year....no body knows.  As far as 
service....all the new rigs are surface mount device boxes.  Unless you have 
the specialized gear to remove the parts and replace them without damaging 
the boards you will probably not fix them at home.  Some consider the 
FT-1000D series to be the last of the user repairable rigs.  They may be 

Buy an EleCraft K2 Kit and build it yourself...then repair it when it 
breaks...it is available with DSP now.  Won't cost an arm and a leg either 
and has been reported to have a very nice receiver. (I don't own one)

The truth is as the radio's become less and less user serviceable there is 
less and less to share on a list like this except what went wrong as opposed 
to what I did to fix it because most folks aren't fixing them anymore...they 
are too complicated so they get shipped or replaced.  Then we can read the 
paperwork that comes back with the radio and report what Yaesu replaced and 
how much it cost....not a lot of help in most cases but it's not the list's 
fault it's the nature of the technology we use today....and many find it 

What's the old saying about computers..."garbage in garbage out"....lists 
are about the same way....you get out what you are willing to put in.

Be helpful and you'll get helped....

Cecil Acuff
Gulfport MS

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Subject: Re: [Yaesu] FT-1000D fan noise

> well, i see the attitude hasn't changed on this  reflector since the last
> time i signed up.  a guy asks a question for some  help about a noisy fan 
> and
> he's told to buy a new rig. reallll  helpful.
> that's why i'm still running my ft-102.  it keeps  working and i've been 
> able
> to fix any problem that develops without calling  on the 'experts'.  i had
> asked for some advice on getting something  new with dsp but not costing 
> more
> than my car.  some folks offered advice  but when i questioned service on 
> the
> new rigs, i was instructed to just buy a  new one when it broke.  and they
> wonder why we can't get anyone young  interested in ham radio.  (gee, mom. 
> my
> radio broke.  that's all  right, little billy.  we can take $2500 out of 
> your
> college fund and buy a  new one)
> sorry, marcel.  i don't have an answer to  your question.  keep asking 
> your
> questions.  maybe someone that owns  the rig can offer some helpful 
> advice.
> 73 de Steve, KZ2I
> Charlotte,  NC
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