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1. [TenTec] Zen (was ORION Returns (N4NT's Musings)) (score: 1)
Author: (Tom North)
Date: Sat Aug 2 13:14:39 2003
Mike, very well put, true on many (maybe all) levels, and sums it all up so well. I might, however, be tempted to substitute 'good' with 'right' ;-) 73' Tom N5OZQ Once I read that if you hung a truly
/archives//html/TenTec/2003-08/msg00026.html (6,925 bytes)

2. [TenTec] Re: TenTec Digest, Vol 8, Issue 5 (score: 1)
Author: (Tom North)
Date: Sat Aug 2 23:50:03 2003
Tim, A little info on the Ten-Tec lineage is here: I'm pleased with mine, given the vintage, and also have the remote VFO. The rig, I believe, was the f
/archives//html/TenTec/2003-08/msg00042.html (8,269 bytes)

3. [TenTec] OMNI 546 cabinet covering (score: 1)
Author: (Tom North)
Date: Sun Aug 3 22:47:31 2003
Don, Other sources for covering would be to try a good hardware or arts & crafts store (Hobby Lobby.) In addition to Glenn's comments, I'd suggest that after getting the old case cleaned well, break
/archives//html/TenTec/2003-08/msg00060.html (8,373 bytes)

4. [TenTec] OMNI 546 cabinet covering (score: 1)
Author: (Tom North)
Date: Mon Aug 4 15:00:03 2003
Anybody done the unthinkably obviouse thing here: called and asked 'the factory'? :-) 73' Tom N5OZQ -- " When you get this figured out and you determine a source for the black covering and a process
/archives//html/TenTec/2003-08/msg00070.html (7,417 bytes)

5. [TenTec] 2A GA Omni A, Omni D at w4rrw (score: 1)
Author: (Tom North)
Date: Wed Aug 6 13:40:16 2003
Winston and all, You might want to call and see if TT still markets their p/n 1205 inductor kit. This is the one used in the smaller tuners (291, etc.) and counterpoise, and *was* available separatel
/archives//html/TenTec/2003-08/msg00107.html (7,378 bytes)

6. [TenTec] Re: TenTec Digest, Vol 8, Issue 39 (score: 1)
Author: (Tom North)
Date: Thu Aug 21 08:06:22 2003
The 280 is rated for 18A continuous at 13.5V. Incorporates an adjustable crowbar. Cabling is the typical 4-wire & plug scheme with control for AC mains at the rig.Can be used with Tritons, early Omni
/archives//html/TenTec/2003-08/msg00450.html (7,326 bytes)

7. [TenTec] Previous Post (should have been 280 PS) (score: 1)
Author: (Tom North)
Date: Thu Aug 21 08:14:38 2003
sri all - neglected to modify the Subject line. Still on the first cup of coffee . . . 73' Tom N5OZQ
/archives//html/TenTec/2003-08/msg00451.html (6,454 bytes)

8. [TenTec] Corsair II f.p. meter continued + other fixes (score: 1)
Author: (Tom North)
Date: Thu Jul 3 21:37:29 2003
WD40 DOES react with brass, in varying degrees, depending on the alloy. Of greater concern, if I am to read this that someone has used the WD40 in an attempt to flush an assembled PTO, is that the so
/archives//html/TenTec/2003-07/msg00121.html (10,077 bytes)

9. [TenTec] Corsair ON/OFF (score: 1)
Author: (Tom North)
Date: Thu Jul 10 10:55:01 2003
The switches ARE in series. FWIW, I'd like to add that the switch in the Corsair (and other TT rigs of this PS switch design) is NOT intended to handle the current of a DC supply suitable to drive th
/archives//html/TenTec/2003-07/msg00300.html (10,012 bytes)

10. [TenTec] FS/T Omni D/B, PS & Mic (score: 1)
Author: (Tom North)
Date: Wed Jul 16 17:57:54 2003
All, I have an Omni D series B, 280 PS and Model 700 hand mic to offer. Rig is electronically rock solid and a cosmetic good-to-excellent by CCA standards. To save bandwidth, please e-mail me direct
/archives//html/TenTec/2003-07/msg00490.html (6,546 bytes)

11. [TenTec] Environmental operating limits (score: 1)
Author: (Tom North)
Date: Thu Jul 24 13:07:50 2003
I've had excellent service out of my Winbook J1 in outdoor use here in Texas, where it gets warm and humid. Two years now, so the current models have changed, but you may want to look; this is sold o
/archives//html/TenTec/2003-07/msg00642.html (7,803 bytes)

12. [TenTec] FS - Omni B, 280 PS,and Manual (score: 1)
Author: (Tom North)
Date: Fri Jul 25 09:46:06 2003
Am re-listing this at what may be a more attractive price.All gear is electronically rock solid. Rig cosmetically good-to-excellent by CCA standards. PS could stand cabinet refinishing. A 'head shot'
/archives//html/TenTec/2003-07/msg00673.html (7,320 bytes)

13. [TenTec] dbm and VU units of audio measurement (score: 1)
Author: (Tom North)
Date: Wed Jul 30 13:33:33 2003
Lots of confusion abt how the dB standard has been applied and used over the years. My HP-606A SG uses the DBM range referencing 0db=10 dB below 1V (.3V) into a 50 Ohm load. This has been a standard
/archives//html/TenTec/2003-07/msg00762.html (7,437 bytes)

14. [TenTec] CORRECTION: dbm and VU units of audio measurement (score: 1)
Author: (Tom North)
Date: Wed Jul 30 14:49:39 2003
In my earlier post, "dBm referenced to 1 mV as a unit of power . . ." let's make that mW - so much for trying to get out the door to a meeting in a timely fashion, and thanks, Adam VA7OJ/AB4OJ, for p
/archives//html/TenTec/2003-07/msg00769.html (6,586 bytes)

15. [TenTec] Omni D Frequency Shifting (score: 1)
Author: (Tom North)
Date: Tue Jun 24 22:52:24 2003
My Omni D (series B) will drift for abt 30 minutes after warmup, and a bit more than 20 HZ :-), but will settle down at that time and stay stable. Are you giving the rig a warm-up? GL & 73' Tom N5OZQ
/archives//html/TenTec/2003-06/msg00753.html (6,783 bytes)

16. [TenTec] Delta 580 Offsets (score: 1)
Author: (Tom North)
Date: Mon Jun 30 22:46:07 2003
the rig DOES take into account the pitch offset, evidenced by the flicker in the display on CW transmit A continuous key down *should* display the 700Hz offset, be it by key or by pulling out the AL
/archives//html/TenTec/2003-06/msg00924.html (8,779 bytes)

17. [TenTec] FS Century 21 & Acc's. (score: 1)
Author: (Tom North)
Date: Sun May 11 18:48:25 2003
I have a matching Century 21, 276 xtal calibrator and 670 keyer that are excees at this time. All are in excellent condition. The C21 has the 15 & 10M rocks installed. New original manual. Pictures o
/archives//html/TenTec/2003-05/msg00282.html (6,410 bytes)

18. [TenTec] FS C21 Additional info (score: 1)
Author: (Tom North)
Date: Sun May 11 18:48:32 2003
. . . and it is the analog model 570 :-) Tom N5OZQ
/archives//html/TenTec/2003-05/msg00283.html (6,140 bytes)

19. [TenTec] PS Damage Control (score: 1)
Author: (Tom North)
Date: Thu May 22 22:29:35 2003
Don't recall that this has been mentioned, BUT - *If* the 252 is similar to the 255 & 280, there is a second fuse, IN the cabinet on the pass transistor board at the back of the cabinet. I have 2 - 2
/archives//html/TenTec/2003-05/msg00878.html (6,682 bytes)

20. [TenTec] FS: 580 Delta (score: 1)
Author: (Tom North)
Date: Fri Apr 18 23:01:04 2003
Somehow I have two of these, and need for but one. This one is electronically solid. PTO is newly rebuilt, full WARC coverage and 282 narrow CW filter. Produces full output on all bands. Does not hav
/archives//html/TenTec/2003-04/msg00499.html (6,550 bytes)

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