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[3830] NCCC Sprint N6ZFO LP

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Subject: [3830] NCCC Sprint N6ZFO LP
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Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2008 22:32:01 -0700
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                    NCCC Sprint Ladder - July 25

Call: N6ZFO
Operator(s): N6ZFO
Station: N6ZFO

Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs): 

 Band  QSOs  Mults
  160:   0      0
   80:   1      1
   40:  20     10
   20:  25     14
Total:  46     25  Total Score = 1,150

Club: Northern California Contest Club


What a pleasure to end the NS Ladder with an 80m QSO in the last 10 seconds with
N3BB and with finally a half-way decent score.  Thanks, Jim, but I just about
fell out of the chair when you came back on 80.  Since we  slid over the time
boundary there was plenty of time to pull my number 46 through the noise. 

2008 has been our best year in the NS Ladder with participation and enthusiasm
at exceptionally high levels. We're now talking about a short winter ladder to
enhance the 80 and particularly 160 meter experience.  We'll try to arrange
this event prior to the major 160 meter contests, ARRL, CQWW and Stew Perry.

Again, thanks to the 28 stations who participated in our dupe/no dupe test last
weekend.  I'll be posting the interesting result shortly.

Conditions were great on all bands, but maybe a little challenging on 40m with
the noise.  

As this conclusion of NS Ladder V I'd also like thank Mike, W9RE for the SNS,
and Ed, W0YK for keeping results up to date on the NCCC web pages.  In the SNS
tonight, at one point there were about 6 stations piled up calling me.  Finally
w4nz came through the chaos; I had heard a Z in the first round of calls, and
managed to stick with it until Ted was discernable.

I'll post final scores shortly and announce winners to CQ contest.  Although
it's pretty clear that we have a new East of Ms. champion and that N6RO and
K7SS  have secured NS Ladder wine.  I'm unsure of the Newcomers division.  As
we've noted before, NS Ladder is a combination of skill, equipment and
perseverance.  I'd guess there are a couple participants who are sorry they
missed one or two events early in the series.  

73 Bill n6zfo
Contest Director,
nccc sprint ladder

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