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[AMPS] Which Amp?

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Subject: [AMPS] Which Amp?
From: (Rich Measures)
Date: Thu, 5 Jun 97 14:40:54 -0700
>> So Rich, tell us how to do this. What is your insights with this amp?
>> thanks,
>> eds
>> w1zz
>Hi Ed,
>Like the K2AW deal and others, OVERsight might be a more accurate 
Who claimed that K2AW's potted rectifiers were microwave oven rectifiers? 
>> > If I owned an AL-1200, I would be tempted to fix the problems I am aware 
>> >of.  For starters:  
>>Faster/quieter switching,
>That is a good suggestion. Vacuum relays would be nice.
Only one is needed.  The input RF relay could be a Matsushita RSD type.  
A vacuum relay is only nice if it is an RJ-1A, or Kilovac HC-1, and it is 
mounted on silicone rubber beads.  Otherwise it is noisy.  
>>>removing the inane "neutralization" circuit
>Rich somehow has made up his mind a grounded grid PA can not be 
>neutralized with a bridge neutralization circuit. He is 
>un-budge-able, but never the less very wrong,
If Rich is 'very wrong', then Henry Radio, ETO, Eimac, Commander, 
Ten-Tec, and the rest are also 'very wrong'. ........ Look ma, 
everybody's out of step except Tommy!  

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