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[AMPS] Line input wiring

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Subject: [AMPS] Line input wiring
From: (Jim Smith)
Date: Tue, 22 Dec 1998 19:17:31 -0800
>The 4 wire versions are for 3 phase or special
>applications on specialized equipment using a neutral seperate from the

    The neutral is almost always separate from the equipment ground. There
are ONLY two times when this is not the case, a dryer and a range may use
the neutral conductor for the equipment ground. An equipment ground is not
defined as a conductor by code, and may NEVER be used as a neutral

>> >Should I use a 4 wire outlet and bring the power line ground from the
>> >breaker box to connect to the amp chassis?
>Its not necessary if you ground the chassis to the neutral in most cases
>here in the states.

    A chasis ground is a common conductor, or neutral. This is not to be
confused with the AC line equipment ground. One is a conductor, and the
other is not. If your amplifier uses a common chasis ground, the chasis MUST
be connected to an AC line neutral. Any metal objects that are not a part of
this common chasis, and are not hot, must be bonded together, and attached
to the AC line equipment ground.

>If you were in Europe or some other countries around
>the world, the 4th wire is a requirment to meet standards. It would
>basically be connected to the same terminals as the neutral in the box
>and serves as an ADDITIONAL ground in case the other one breaks or comes

    This is a dangerous assumption that has killed people in the past.

>You only have 3 wires coming in your house now.

    WRONG. There are three conductors, 2 hots and a neutral (no ground)
coming from the utility. There is a fourth (grounding electrode conductor)
coming from your grounding electrode.
Jim Smith, KQ6UV

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