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[AMPS] Line input wiring

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Subject: [AMPS] Line input wiring
From: (ohashi)
Date: Wed, 23 Dec 1998 00:21:47 +0900
Greetings from Japan!!

>Dennis Mowers wrote:
>I'm presently using a 3 wire input to my amp, which operates on 240V.
>The neutral line connects to the low side of the amp control circuitry
>which needs 120V.   Chassis is connected to the station earth ground.

My DENTRON MLA-2500B uses 3 wires AC input cord,
2 wires for AC 234V and the third wire is for chassis GND
which is connected to the GND pin out of 3 pin in a wall 

Regarding to 117V which is fed to cooling fan, primary
connection of the xfmr (I mean the center tap of the xfmr)
gives 117V internally.  Therefore the AMP does not require
line neutral connection form the wall outlet.

I am using a 3 blades AC plug with twist lock mechanism
against sudden disconnection due to unexpected pulling.

'73 de JA2DHC/1  Kazuo Ohashi
  QTH: Fujisawa, Kanagawa, Japan

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