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[AMPS] PA-77 question, round two

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Subject: [AMPS] PA-77 question, round two
From: (Phil Clements)
Date: Sat, 11 Sep 1999 16:40:36 -0500

>>When a good 8877 is properly tuned (slightly heavy loading)
>>it will put around 2300 watts into the antenna with 55-65 ma
>>of TRUE grid current. I have had several Alpha 77DX/77SX's
>>and all of them read HIGH on the grid meter. I think Dick had
>>in mind that it would help to save tubes. NEVER let the grid current
>>on an 8877 exceed 75 ma under any circumstances. I set all my
>>grid-trip circuits to this value.
>Eimac rates the 8877 at 20w max. grid dissipation.  Normal grid/cathode
>potential is 55Vrms.  With 75mA of grid current, dissipation is approx.
>Why do you limit grid current to 75mA, Phil?
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