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[AMPS] PA-77 question, round two

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Subject: [AMPS] PA-77 question, round two
From: (Phil Clements)
Date: Sun, 12 Sep 1999 17:31:58 -0500

-  What does a damaged grid of an 8877 look like, Phil?

I have only seen pictures of them, Rich (yours)
I have owned  over 35 8877's of various vintages for
various periods of time, some since 1979; all running @
4 kv. I have never damaged  one because I do not allow
the grid to be used as a 100 watt dummy load like I could
do all day on a 4-1000A. You are a Liberal and I am a
Conservative. I say 75 ma of grid current is plenty because
you only need 65 ma at max suds. You say much more is okay
because Eimac has blessed it in their specs.

How many of Eimac's 8877 users operate on more than
one frequency at one power level, with one antenna Rich?

The conservatism has nothing to do with specs; it has to
do with careless operators and  accidents.

Phil, K5PC

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