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[AMPS] SB200 PS question ?

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Subject: [AMPS] SB200 PS question ?
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Date: Thu, 18 Nov 1999 11:18:06 EST
I just picked up an SB200 from an estate sale that looks like it sat in a 
basement for 3 years!  

Anyway, upon firing it up, it appears to put out 500w into the Bird on a 
dummy load. After about 3 minutes of use, the HV bleeder resistors start to 
smoke from overheating. If I shut the amp off and let it cool, it will do the 
same again after a brief period. HV looks good on the meter, and it RF-wise 
it it ok.  

Is it possible that if the caps in the HV p.s. are leaky or bad, the result 
would be a higher - than - normal dissipation through the resistors ?

The caps are the old-looking paper style. Anyone have a recommendatio for 
locating 6 new caps, and their specs for this amp ?  Unfortunately, I don't 
have a schematic for the am. Can anyone herlp with a copy of the schematic, 
either on a web site or an emailed JPEG GIF etc..

Thanks in advance  for the input....



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