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[AMPS] Caveat on Dentron Filaments + MLA-2500B Notes

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Subject: [AMPS] Caveat on Dentron Filaments + MLA-2500B Notes
From: (Tom Rauch)
Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2000 21:18:03 -0400
> Okay...let's replace it.....
> Was 100 ohms a bad choice also for a pair of 8875's?
> I happen to have a carborundum 72 ohm @ 50 would that be?
> (((73)))
> Phil, K5PC

An unbypassed  equal-value series-resistance placed at each 
cathode will equalize the tube currents and reduce the IMD, as well 
as swamping the drive. The smartest engineering always uses one 
part for multiple benefits whenever possible.

Consider that placement compared to a simple single shunt or 
series resistance.

73, Tom W8JI

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