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[AMPS] Caveat on Dentron Filaments + MLA-2500B Notes

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Subject: [AMPS] Caveat on Dentron Filaments + MLA-2500B Notes
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Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2000 06:55:41 EDT
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<< I think you can buy new 8875's no problem.  All you can afford!  Yeah 
stocks seem to be getting down but priced the way they are, nobody is going 
to run out soon.

Talked to RF Parts about two months ago abour the availability of 8875's for 
several MLA's that I own.  According to them, the 8875 is no longer 
available.  Eimac stopped making them a couple years ago.  Hint, except for 
the cooling arrangement of the tubes, they are electrically identical to the 

With regard to the time delay for tube warmup, all the the MLA's that I have 
here have a 6NO75T Amperex Time delay tube.  These are 75 second time delay 
tubes. Goose, W8AV

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