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[Amps] Failed 8877

To: <>
Subject: [Amps] Failed 8877
From: (Vic Rosenthal)
Date: Sun, 06 Oct 2002 14:29:48 -0700
Paul Christensen wrote:
> I narrowed the root cause to a broken 8877 filament....although it was
> difficult to find beacuse it is intermittent.  At the onset of filament
> current, it opens and after powering down the amp, and checking with a DVM,
> the filamant resistance reads fine.   I finally got it to read an open
> resistance right at the pins with the transformer Molex connectors
> unplugged.  

I don't know about 8877's, but I've had wires in the pins of glass tubes come
unsoldered due to heat caused by loose socket contacts.  Is this possible here?


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