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[Amps] New, 60m band question

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Subject: [Amps] New, 60m band question
From: k7fm at (k7fm)
Date: Wed Jun 11 08:09:12 2003
Not only is there an amplifier band with 50 watts ERP, the stability and
bandwidth restrictions are such that you may not be able to just take any
rig and put it on, without attention to detail.  No AM. USB only, with
carrier placed just at the right spot.

This is a case where we need to watch the IMD.

If we do not follow the rules, we could lose it - or at least not get more.

Perfect chance for me to crystal up the crystal controlled military rigs I
never got around to converting to 40 or 80 meters.

Channelized operation can be good - just like 2 meter used to be with the
converted Progress Lines.  You could flip the radio on and find a
conversation without tuning.  Might be great for mobile operation, where you
could run the full power of your mobile rig into a lossy whip.

Time to order crystals.

Colin  K7FM

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