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[Amps] New, 60m band question

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Subject: [Amps] New, 60m band question
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Date: Fri Jun 13 08:31:54 2003
>>>Not only is there an amplifier band with 50 watts ERP, the stability and
>>>bandwidth restrictions are such that you may not be able to just take any
>>>rig and put it on, without attention to detail.  No AM. USB only, with
>>>carrier placed just at the right spot.
>>>This is a case where we need to watch the IMD.
>>>If we do not follow the rules, we could lose it - or at least not get 
>>**  With people making the rules who do not understand SSB and dipole 
>>antennas, virtually anything is possible. 
>>cheers, Colin
>I think to celebrate the new allocation we should all wear glasses
>that make 50 watts ERP read 5000 waaattssss ERRRPPP.  I'd like to
>see the FCC lock up 1/3rd of the Amateur population!  I figure at
>least 1/3rd of us would be heard!
**  Good news:  some are already locked up, Jerry.  

Rich, AG6K, 805-386-3734,

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