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[Amps] 6 meter Dedicated Amplifiers

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Subject: [Amps] 6 meter Dedicated Amplifiers
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Date: Fri Jun 13 08:31:56 2003
Offering a near mint Heath Sb220 retrofitted and dedicated for 6meter
use. Runs a pair of brand new RF Parts 3-500's developing 1200 watts
OUTPUT on 6m with 100 watts of drive. Recapped  and new piNet components
for  broadbanded 1 mHz  excursions without retuning.  12vdc antenna relay
circuit reconfigured for compatibility with any solid state excieter.
Unit appears stock Heath except that a front panel tuned input control
replaces the HF bandswitch assembly. $825

Offering a second  (identical) Heath Sb220 with full output Eimac
3-500's.  $775

Offering a Drake L4B/8877  retrofitted and dedicated for 6m operation.
Custom built  step start,  small footprint, Hipersil, metered  5000VDC @
1 amp remote power supply. Amp runs 2200W OUTPUT  with 80-100 watts of
drive. Solid state compatible. $1650

All amps operate of  220VAC only. Sorry no shipping. Prefer pickup in the
New York City, Scranton, PA or New Jersey  (GSP117 exit) areas.
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