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[Amps] A Crying Shame

Subject: [Amps] A Crying Shame
Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2004 07:17:03 GMT
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Yes, that's right. Shame. Shame on us. We Americans have come up with so many 
fine ideas and products, such as televisions, FM commercial radio and unionism, 
only to have them taken from us because it's not economically feasible to 
manufacture, and the cost of labor is too prohibitive, it seems, for anyone to 
do anything.

Within one month another one-of-a-kind amplifier has been trashed in shipping. 
This time it was UPS. What makes it unforgiveable is that the shipper and 
receiver both contacted UPS on advice as to how to ensure safety.  We were told 
to go to an official UPS Store, Inc., and let them box everything up.

The shipper photographed the heck out of the unit before it went. A-1 condition 
throughout.  The shipper photographed the packing process: Bubble wrap, 
cardboard box, peanuts after that, and another cardboard box. The finished 
product had six inches of dense packing around all six sides, and the box was 
stapled then taped on all edges. Twelve "Fragile" stickers. Arrows. Big 
letters: "Do Not Drop: Glass."

UPS bounced the transformer crate so bad it bent the mounting irons so the 
tranny looks like the leaning tower of Pisa.

UPS bounced the amp chassis box so bad it ripped the blower motor start cap 
right out of its can on the rear RF deck wall, and dislodged the 500pF ceramic 
vacuum variable from its clamped mountings. 

Worst, the bounce was on the rear lower right corner. How do I know? The 
extruded aluminum lower right rail has a nice bend where it took the fall.

It seems now that it would have been worth it to take 3 days off the busiest 
cell project on the face of the earth, where 40 or 50 contractors are charging 
$2K a night, per site, each, and just thumb my nose and drive off to Georgia. 
But no. My manager asked me to stay on duty these nights because we're starting 
to install the first of nine thousand, 180Watt power amplifiers and there's no 
other English-speaking RF engineer who can supervise construction at night.

So Terry Jones and I mull it over and over. He knows what happened to my 
beautiful one-week-old EMTRON DX-3. Rudi calls me from Australia just to yell 
at me every now and then: "You should have never shipped it anywhere!" Isn't he 

It cost hundreds of dollars to send it UPS 2-day from GA to NJ, including the 
expert packing. 

I wonder how many times the bozos in UPS tried dropping it to hear the tinkle 


Well. That feels better.

Hope you all have a real nice day.


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