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RE: Re: [Amps] Advice on instruments for ham use

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Subject: RE: Re: [Amps] Advice on instruments for ham use
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Date: Fri, 26 Nov 2004 18:59:51 -0600
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I used one from 1973 or so until 1995. Great scope...on 8 hours a day for 22 
years...not triggered unless being used...somewhere along the way, the fan quit 
and ran that way for at least a year...didn't seem to matter...and I burned out 
a 50 ohm input termination once and some indicator bulbs. I could see a single 
3 ns pulse when I was looking for a digital design startup problem if I set the 
single sweep, pull down the shade and turn of the ceiling lights at the 
lab...put my face into the screen. I had a storage scope (466 I think) but the 
485 worked too well to bother. As far as I know it is still doing fine. I 
didn't care for HP scopes. Not enough anode voltage to see that single sweep 
pulse if needed. It's a 350 MHz scope and Tek was always conservative with 
their ratings.
Chuck, KE9UW

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