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Subject: Re: [Amps] GE ham news
From: "Randy Brothers" <>
Date: Sat, 4 Jun 2005 17:26:32 -0500
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I have the following which I will be happy to scan in my spare time (which
means don't expect more than a couple a week).
Which if any are of interest? Mob rule...

RCA Ham Tips
  Spring 65      Transistors & Nuvistors in a 2M Xcvr
  Fall 64        144 Mc Antenna-Matching Preamp
  Winter 62-63   Mobile 50W Xmtr for 6 and 2
  April 58       Transistorized Grid Dip Meter
  Dec 56         Visualizing SWR
  Dec 54         Determination of Oper Condx for RCA Tubes Used as Linear RF
Pwr Amps
  Mar/Apr 54     Design Tables for Low/High Pass Filters for TVI
  Summer 51      DE-TVIing a 600w 14 Mc Transmitter
  Fall 50        Design & Application of High Pass Filters

GE Ham News
  Nov/Dec 59     KW Grounded-Grid Linear Amp
  Jan/Feb 59     7077 RF Amplifiers (432/144Mc)
  Mar/Apr 57     455 Kc Mech Filter Rcvr Adapter
  Nov/Dec 56     Mix-Selector Chart
  Sep/Oct 56     Hamscope
  May/Jun 56     Transistorized VFO's (BC, 3.5)
  Mar/Apr 56     Tri-Range VFO (160/80; 40-10; 50/144)
  Jan/Feb 56     DX Log Checklist (have you worked VQ4, MP4, ZC6?)
  Nov/Dec 55     100w Xmtr for 6 or 2 (5763/2E26/829B)
  Sep/Oct 55     Simple-Sixer Converter
  Jul/Aug 55     6M Transceiver (12AT7s/5763)
  Mar/Apr 55     Low-Pass Audio Filter
  Sep/Oct 54     Low Noise 220 Mc Converter
  May/Jun 54     Picking the Proper Insulation
  Mar/Apr 54     Two 250ma Plate Power Supplies
  Nov/Dec 53     AC/DC Voltmeter/Ohmmeter/SWR Bridge AND How Tubes Are
  Jul/Aug 53     Super 430 (Mc) Converter
  May/Jun 53     Dioplex (electronic antenna switch)
  Mar/Apr 53     Mobile/Portable Power Supply
  Sep/Oct 52     200w Linear Amp for SSB (811A)
  Jul/Aug 51     Signal Slicer Rcvr Adapter
  Mar/Apr 49     30w Phone Rig for Mobile/Home/Emergency 6 & 10 Meters
  Jan/Feb 47     One KW Amp (807/GL-8000)

73 Randy K9OR

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