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Subject: Re: [Amps] GE ham news
From: Kenneth Grimm <>
Date: Sun, 05 Jun 2005 09:37:26 -0400
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I want to thank Edgar Brown, N6OU, John Brosnahan, W0UN, and Randy 
Brothers, K9OR, for offering their help in assembling a collection of GE 
Ham News and RCA Ham Tips for inclusion on BAMA.  There are a couple of 
locals here in Lynchburg, VA, home of the former GE Two Way Radio 
Division, who are also looking for a stash.
Randy has already scanned and uploaded a couple of the GE Ham News and 
one issue of RCA Ham Tips and they have been placed on BAMA: and
I've also listed on the respective pages, the other issues that Randy 
has and will be uploading as time permits.  If you have other issues 
that you would like to have included, please scan them at 300 dpi and 
upload them.  It would really be great to be able to offer the full 
collection of these interesting little publications from the 
hollow-state era.

Ken K4XL

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