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[Amps] SELL: Marched Pair of NOS Eimac 3-500Z's

Subject: [Amps] SELL: Marched Pair of NOS Eimac 3-500Z's
Date: Sat, 11 Jun 2005 14:57:25 -0400
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Offering, from an estate sale, a new in the box, matched pair of Eimac
3-500Z?s originally purchased as spares for a classic Henry Amplifier and
never removed from  the sealed cartons. Only recently, the tubes were
removed from the unopened cartons and seasoned for 3 hours at ½ filament
voltage and  6 hours at full filament voltage. Only then, high voltage 
was  applied (no excitation) for 3 hours. Subsequently, the tubes tested
perfectly  under full load  at 1600 watts output with only 3000VDC plate
voltage and 100w of drive.  The Eimac logo stenciling is crisp, the glass
envelope is crystal clear, and the filaments are glowing brightly. Both
the cartons and tubes are  matched and date coded 8232 ( March, 1982 date
of manufacture). Here?s an opportunity to purchase a new old stock (NOS) 
high quality pair of Eimac tubes at a fraction of new tube prices. It has
been  bench  tested to ensure perfect electrical and operating parameters
by a licensed radio amateur. Will ship (6 lbs carefully  double boxed) 
from zip 18426 in Pennsylvania.  $325 + shipping PayPal OK if not a
credit card.  Ron W2CQM/3
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