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Re: [Amps] 220 amp power supply plugs

Subject: Re: [Amps] 220 amp power supply plugs
Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2005 11:30:35 EDT
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In a message dated 6/23/2005 10:43:42 AM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

I've  been to Lowe's and Home Depot and seen 
the plethora of 220 plugs they  carry. It seems that clothes dryers and 
electric stoves now used a four  conductor plug (rather than the old 
three conductor) supposedly called for  in the latest National Electrical 
Code  revisions.

Yes, the NEC has changed this.  The ruling  now is that "ground, bond" can 
ONLY carry fault current and not operating  current, therefore a separate 
nuetral wire (white) is needed if any device  requires 120v.  It is wise to 
have a 
nuetral (white) wire available in a  220 volt system should it be required.
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