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"SA5534" only meant "Special Assembly, #5534."  Thus it came after SA5533 and 
before SA5535.  The number means nothing else.

I doubt you'd find any of these, but Mel W6FDR may well remember what it was 
made of, in which case an exact equivalent could be fabricated using discrete 


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Subject: [Amps] Semtech diode

>From the AMPS archives

"I'm not sure what this is all about, but the Semtech diode string used 3A
diodes internally, having Vf = 1V/cell @ 3A and about .8V/cell at 1A, so
there were a variety made using different qtys of cells.  I recall Henry
used these for their inherantly high surge current capability (150Apk, 8.3mS
rating), but that wasn't the only reason.  The other reason was that at the
time, Semtech didn't make any high powered Zeners, and the Semtech salesman
was good friends with the people at Henry, so they give him the business.
The salesman is quite a famous 20m DXer, Mel, W6FDR (ex-WB6FDR).  I recall
all this because at the time, I also worked for Semtech.



> Hello all, I am in need of the Biasing Diode in a 2KD-5 I have researched the 
> original part #
with no luck it is a Semtech SA-5534 I would like to keep it original but I 
could use a stud
mount Zener or use a pass transistor with a lower wattage diode. Am I grasping 
at straws
looking for the original? Thanks

John K5MO (good stuff in those archives)

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