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Subject: Re: [Amps] Semtech diode
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Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2008 12:18:50 -0700
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If Henry does not have it and you can't find one after market, you could build 
your own adjustable bias device using a string of 1N5408 or simular diodes.  
See Rich Measures' web page or Google AG6K for more info.

FYI -- a 1N5534 is a 14V Zener diode, albeit, only rated for 0.4W.  I am not 
sure what the Semtech device was rated at, but it is curious that the standard 
series for Zeners contains a listing in the voltage range that might serve as a 
bias element.  



---- wrote: 
> >From the AMPS archives
> "I'm not sure what this is all about, but the Semtech diode string used 3A
> diodes internally, having Vf = 1V/cell @ 3A and about .8V/cell at 1A, so
> there were a variety made using different qtys of cells.  I recall Henry
> used these for their inherantly high surge current capability (150Apk, 8.3mS
> rating), but that wasn't the only reason.  The other reason was that at the
> time, Semtech didn't make any high powered Zeners, and the Semtech salesman
> was good friends with the people at Henry, so they give him the business.
> The salesman is quite a famous 20m DXer, Mel, W6FDR (ex-WB6FDR).  I recall
> all this because at the time, I also worked for Semtech.
> -WB2WIK/"
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> > Hello all, I am in need of the Biasing Diode in a 2KD-5 I have researched 
> > the original part #
> with no luck it is a Semtech SA-5534 I would like to keep it original but I 
> could use a stud
> mount Zener or use a pass transistor with a lower wattage diode. Am I 
> grasping at straws
> looking for the original? Thanks
> >
> 73
> John K5MO (good stuff in those archives)
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