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That works slick. I just created a 150 degree scale arc with six band index ticks. After importing, the Reference Point menu should be changed to "Origin of HPGL File." That way the image cross-hair center can be placed directly over the switch hole center and the scale lines will be perfectly positioned with the switch. The new file extension must read ".plt"

Once the scale is placed on the panel, optimizing the size can be done by changing percentages. Unless I'm mistaken, that's about the only editing that can be done after creating the scale export. So, there's some trial and error involved that requires starting over in order to get it looking right.

Paul, W9AC

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There is a utility you can download from the front panel express
website for designing dials, arcs, and so forth.
Jim W8ZR

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On Apr 9, 2014, at 5:52 AM, Paul Christensen <> wrote:

"Can anyone give me some pointers on creating a 150 degree arc label for a band switch for Front Panel Express? I have a radio switch 86 switch with 30 degree detents. 6 positions, 160-10 meters."

If an actual arc is needed, you can select "Insert Curved Slot" from the menu. Then select the engraving width/depth (e.g., cutter 0.6mm). The slot can be rotated, expanded, degrees set, etc.

To set up 30-degree index positions (and optionally with with engraved lines radiating from center), you can use trig functions on Cartesian coordinates. For all switches, I used the switch center hole as the Cartesian origin. Once you decide on the distance to engrave from the switch center -- and you already know the angle, then solve for (X, Y). Take the computed X coordinate and add it to the the origin's X coordinate. Do the same computation for the Y coordinate.

When recently solving this for a 2-position switch, I wanted to take advantage of the switch's locking tab and insert it into a blind hole on the panel reverse side. So that the position center center lined up vertically, this meant that position 1 is 15 degrees left of vertical and position 2 is 15 degrees right. Instead of solving by using the actual 30 degree arc, it was easier to solve using 15 degrees.

You're welcome to my panel file if you want to have a look.

Paul, W9AC

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