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Subject: Re: [Amps] Ameritron ALS 500M
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Date: Tue, 24 Nov 2015 10:27:59 -0500
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On 11/23/2015 10:03 AM, Al Kozakiewicz wrote:
Any amplifier final is a slave to the transfer curve

A true statement...
But to be precisely correct on the designed DC voltage input regarding the ALS-500 the manual for it states it:

"... will produce the rated output power at 14 volts dc. The output power will decrease by approximately
85 watts per volt as the supply voltage is lowered from 14 to 12 volts."

It's not made to run optimally off a 12 volt supply or battery. It's designed primarily for mobile use assuming your engine is running and your alternator and DC power cabling is producing 14 volts DC at the amplifier while under load.

Ray, W4BYG

I'm no longer young enough to know everything!

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