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Re: [Amps] Grid dip meters 2 models, opinions?

Subject: Re: [Amps] Grid dip meters 2 models, opinions?
From: Conrad PA5Y <>
Date: Tue, 05 Sep 2017 10:47:15 +0100
List-post: <>
Yes very nice, I have used one and I have various VNA's at work some of which are staggeringly expensive. However they are not mine and a large. The VNWA3 needs a PC to work which is also not convenient and is also 10 times more expensive.

So does anyone have any experience of the devices that I asked about?


Conrad PA5Y

On 2017-09-04 23:42, Jim Brown wrote:
On 9/4/2017 1:55 PM, Steve Wright wrote:
On 05/09/17 08:51, Conrad PA5Y wrote:
Hello all I have found 2 second hand grid dip meters.
Perhaps you have a good reason for using a dip meter (I have one), but
the inexpensive and new technology VNAs run circles around a dip meter
for functionality.

I strongly agree, and DG8SAQ's VNWA 3e, sold assembled and fully
tested by SDR Kits in the UK, is a real bargain. I've had mine for
about 4 years, and love it!   It is well supported both by SDR Kits
and DG8SAQ, both of whom monitor their Yahoo Group.

I paid about $700 back then delivered to my door with calibration it,
but thanks to Brexit, it would be under $600.   I bought the
"presentation case," but don't recommend it.  Add 20% VAT where
applicable (not USA).

73, Jim K9YC

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