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Re: [Amps] Series C in amp output

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Subject: Re: [Amps] Series C in amp output
From: "Peter Voelpel" <>
Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2018 17:16:24 +0100
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I guess it´s not for safety but for the qsk circuitry.´
In my amp I did something similar.
It would not work with a dc short from a beta match or similar on the
antenna output.
The closing of the antenna relay contact provides a DC path for the input
relay coil in my case.


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Subject: Re: [Amps] Series C in amp output

Okay, thanks to Bill and Steve I think we can say it's just a safety 
measure in case of blocking cap failure. Maybe these amps don't have the 
traditional RFC across the output. Never did like that idea, always 
thought they looked a bit ineffective if faced with an amp or more at a 
few kV.

Martin, HS0ZED

On 10/02/2018 00:48, Steve Wright wrote:
> It's just a safety DC-->antenna block, in case of HT badness in the tank
> circuity.
> On 09/02/18 23:06, Martin Sole wrote:
>> Amps from Acom and OM, maybe some others, have a large amount of
>> capacitance in series with the output after the power/SWR bridge. In
>> the case of the Acom 1000 this is 6 parallel 10nF/500v disc ceramic
>> capacitors with a 1 megohm (static bleed?) across them.
>> Have not seen this configuration on older Alpha amps or others. Can
>> anyone comment on the purpose?
>> Thanks
>> Martin, HS0ZED
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