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Re: [Amps] QRO 2500DX MARK lll 4CX800

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Subject: Re: [Amps] QRO 2500DX MARK lll 4CX800
From: "Jim Thomson" <>
Date: Sat, 6 Apr 2019 07:42:27 -0700
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Subject: Re: [Amps] QRO 2500DX MARK lll 4CX800

  ##  A  dead simple,  single chinese  8877  GG  triode amp makes more sense. 
  2 x  3-500Z is also dead simple..and instant on, no grid current
  protection required..perhaps a simple  fast  3agc  grid fuse  at most.

<If NOS 8877 tubes were like the GU-74 you bet your bibby all the amps using 
GU-74's would be 8877's

## At  $350.00  each, or  $700.00  for a pair,  ( thats not a matched pair 

##  The  chinese  8877  has  now  skyrocketed  to an  absurd  $1075.00

##  The eimac version is beyond  insane  at   $2095.00

##  For  $200  more than the  grossly overpriced  8877,  you get this

##  Greenstone brand  3CX-3000A7s   typ sell for  $799.00   brand new, readily 
available..come with a  2 yr warranty.  

## Back when  GU-74s  were $50 to  $75  years ago,   I suggested folks stock 
pile a few of em.   1-2  did, the  rest complained of  skyrocketing prices. 

##  Interesting times we live in.  Tubes  prices have  gone nuts,  and  SS  is  
not  quite there..yet. 

Jim   VE7RF 

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