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Re: [Amps] PT-3000

Subject: Re: [Amps] PT-3000
From: Jim W7RY <>
Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2022 15:33:00 -0600
List-post: <>
The stock PT2500 blower was a shaded pole motor. Very similar to the NCL-2000 fan setup. I bet the motor is available from WW Granger, and may be also available in 240 volt from them. Their on-line data sheets are very good and accurate.

73, Jim W7RY

On 1/6/2022 2:35 PM, Roger Parsons via Amps wrote:
Unfortunately, I am sure. However, the schematic implies that the plate 
transformer is tapped. I will have to investigate further - the wiring and lack 
of labelling makes it quite clear that this was a prototype!

I would still like to know if the original fan (possibly the same as the 
PT-2500) is available anywhere.

73 Roger

Are you sure? Its not connected across one of the 120 volt windings on the 
plate or filament trnsformer?
Or is this amplifier 240 volts only?

You can always install a small 240-120 volt 3 lead isolation transformer 
available from Mouser.
73, Jim W7RY

On 1/5/2022 8:51 AM, Roger Parsons via Amps wrote:

Preferably a 240V version as the current 120V one is connected_*between live
and ground...*_


73 Roger
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