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[Amps] Centrifugal Blowers

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Subject: [Amps] Centrifugal Blowers
From: Byron Tatum <>
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2022 00:11:39 +0000 (UTC)
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Hello-   Anyone in our group have knowledge of replacing the motor on a 
centrifugal cooling blower? I have been rebuilding a few RF decks made in the 
1970's by Scientific Radio for the SR-416A transmitter. These RF decks are a 
copy of the Eimac W6PO 144 Mhz design using 8877 tube. They use a Kooltronics 
blower with 5" wheel and square outlet with mounting hole centers 2-5/8" apart 
in a square pattern. I have bearing noise and vibration in a few of my motors. 
The motors are sealed bearing Kooltronic #7162-082 type U62, 115 VAC @ 1.55 
amp, using 4 ufd capacitor. 2850 RPM at 50 Hz, 3400 RPM at 60 Hz.    After 
looking at prices of replacement blowers/motors I was shocked. Can I replace 
the bearings in these motors? Or just buy new motors somewhere? I really do not 
need the performance of these blowers, the transmitters were running at 1 KW 
24/7 and I am just doing SSB/CW. Sure could stand to reduce the blower noise 
some.   Thanks,Byron W5FH 
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