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Drake called ALC "AGC" on their transmitters, transceivers and amplifiers.  😊

The L-4 and L-7 "AGC" (ALC) output is negative voltage, should be perfectly 
compatible with the Icom if you want to connect it.   The output level (AGC) 
from the amp is always negative and is adjustable by the front panel 
potentiometer all the way down to "0V" if you want.

The instructions how to adjust the control are in the amplifier's instruction 

Steve WB2WIK

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Guess I am not sure how to post a listing -- thanks..

Larry FW6EF

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  Subject: Questions: Connecting a Drake Amplifier

Hit a roadblock I am not understanding. I wanted to connect a Drake L-4 
Amplifier (also have a Drake L-7 - same problem). Looking at the input the 
unit/s want - they want AGC input - I am familiar that ALL other Amplifiers I 
have used accept/require ALC input.  I am trying to drive either of these units 
with a ICOM IC -756 - it only outputs an ALC.  Of course the definitions of AGC 
and ALC is not the same - or about the same functions.

Then also - beyond my understanding clearly caution in the manual ... "WARNING: 
Set the Transceiver output power and linear amplifier ALC output level 
referring to the linear amplifier instruction manual.  The ALC input level must 
be in the range 0 V to -4V and the transceiver does not accept positive 
voltage.  Non-matching ALC and RF power settings could cause a fire or ruin the 
linear amplifier."QUESTION: 1. How do I connect the ICOM to the Drake Amp? - ? 
what if not connecting anything to the AGC on the Amp?2. How could a 
'non-matching ALC and RF power setting cause a fire? ?over heating the Amp?

Thanks for any assistance73W6EFLarry FibichSacramento, CA area


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